A (Rock)star was born

Around my 16th birthday, I took a break from teen angst and focused my energy on being determined. This wasn’t a determination that floundered all over the place. No. It was focused.

A spark ignited
I had become obsessed in my need to learn how to play the guitar. I had sweetly asked my parents for one as a birthday present – the first and (possibly) last time I’ve asked for anything birthday-wise.

My gentle suggestions had amounted to nothing. The day of my birth had arrived, a guitar hadn’t. As you can imagine, dear reader, this necessitated serious action. And so yes, I made a list.

I opened up the phonebook (I’m starting to feel old now…) and wrote down every single music store around Durban. This would show my evil parents how badly I’d wanted this guitar….

It didn’t.

But! After walking around the local mall, we passed a music store. I can’t tell if it was the list that planted the seeds of persuasion, or if my parents had finally decided in the moment, but I left that mall with an awesome, new acoustic guitar.

The Twist
I wish I could say that I ended up being rather musical and taught myself how to play. At the least, I wish I’d had that one, super easy song that I could whip out at impromptu beach party bonfires. It’s been years since that date and nada.

Years later…
I’d read a lot about this game called Rocksmith. It seemed to have some great reviews and helped a lot of people have fun while learning how to play. Having rocked Guitar Hero in the past, I had faith that this new game could be the thing that taught me to rock for realsies.

And so it begins…